Our History

Marlboro Wire Ltd. was founded in Marlborough, Massachusetts in 1906, becoming fully incorporated in 1921. Marlboro Wire was moved to Quincy, Illinois in 1987, followed by gaining new owners a few years later. The owners have brought Marlboro to new heights, assisting some of the largest companies nationwide for the last thirty years. Going strong since 1921, Marlboro has remained a reliable name in the manufacturing of commercial and household products.

Based out of the midwest for the last thirty years, Marlboro has kept growing in both physical size and business reach, stretching from the midwest to nationwide service. Marlboro’s focus on attributes like Quality, Experience, and Forward Thinking helped bring it to the forefront of the manufacturing world and keep it there. Seeing an opportunity in the early 2000’s, Marlboro invested in more robots, CNC’s, and other computer systems to stay ahead of the curve. This ability to see trends is why Marlboro has survived and thrived for years, and with their experienced employees, they continue to push forward in new directions.