Tube Bending

At Marlboro Wire, we provide cost-effective tube bending services that lead to error-free finished products with tight radii and strict conformance to customer specifications. All bending is performed at our Quincy, Illinois plant, which allows us to expedite your order and deliver your tubing quickly.

Marlboro Wire is proud to provide CNC tube bending as one of our core services. We have multiple CNC  tube bending machines, and are able to bend tube up to 1.25″ diameter to rigid quality standards.

Collectively, our staff offers three generations worth of industry experience to meet even the most complex challenges with ease and confidence. We also have a proven track record of innovation and providing our clientele with custom tube bending solutions.

Formed tube
Finishes: Stainless Steel, Zinc, Nickel Chrome and Powder Paint options available.

Inclusive Services

Our many services that we offer our clients range from prototyping and initial design to packaging and delivery. If you have drawings or measurements you want to upload, need pricing, or want to put in for an existing order, please call us at (217) 224-7989 or click the button below to send us your information.
  • Prototyping
  • Full Scale Reference Drawing
  • Product Development Engineering Services
  • Assembly
  • Bar Coding
  • Stock Programs for JIT Deliveries
  • Electronic Order Placement
  • Packaging Options
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