Wire Forming

Wire is our specialty at Marlboro. Every service we offer helps to guarantee the quality and efficiency with which we produce our wire products. From our CNC wire benders, to our robotic welders and everything in between we offer top of the line services, with capabilities from 0.092″ to 0.625″. It starts with our team of engineers who go over the product drawings to help get your product to the standards you expect. From the engineers’ hands to the shop floor, where the wire can be straight-cut, bent, welded, and chamfered to meet your specifications. From the shop floor to the shipping department we ensure that your product is made to your standards throughout the entire process.

At the heart of Marlboro lies our staff who know quality. Marlboro uses many quality assurance protocols, such as check gauges from our in-house routers, to assure that your product has been well handled and carefully crafted every step of the way. Marlboro has been producing wire forms for years and we put our knowledge and experience to use for you to give you the peace of mind that your product is in the hands of qualified and experienced personnel.

Finishes: Stainless Steel, Zinc, Nickel Chrome and Powder Paint options available.

Inclusive Services

Our many services that we offer our clients range from prototyping and initial design to packaging and delivery. If you have drawings or measurements you want to upload, need pricing, or want to put in for an existing order, please call us at (217) 224-7989 or click the button below to send us your information.
  • Prototyping
  • Full Scale Reference Drawing
  • Product Development Engineering Services
  • Assembly
  • Bar Coding
  • Stock Programs for JIT Deliveries
  • Electronic Order Placement
  • Packaging Options
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